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Hypnosis can help with…




Weight Loss


Smoking Cessation

Sleep Disorders

Pain Relief

Private Sessions

There’s a 30 minute complimentary session and each session is 60 minutes. Individual sessions are available as well as packages of three and five, which are offered at a special rate per session.

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Small Group Sessions

While 1:1 work is more customized for you, and you’ll have a faster result in less time, there’s great benefit in a group setting as well. Group sessions are 90 minutes long and have to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

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Hypnosis + Mindset Coaching

Private hypnosis combined with 30-minute coaching sessions can help you keep accountable to yourself in making long term changes.

Mindset Hypnosis Coaching
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Mindset Hypnosis Coaching
4 Sessions (monthly)
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If you don’t know which option would work best for you, let’s connect so you can tell me what you’re trying to achieve and how I can help get you there.  

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