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Hello, Janine Here!

My main focus as a hypnotist is enabling you to match your actions and thoughts with the person you want to be. If you’ve said, I know I need to _____, but don’t know what to do, this is where hypnosis comes in!

Quotes like “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” sound great in theory, but HOW do you do it. Hypnosis helps you with filling the gap between knowing what you want and taking action in getting there. Hypnosis is the HOW!

I’m here to help you:

  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Find new ways of coping when life gets difficult
  • Regain control of your anxiety and live the life you deserve

I had struggled with my weight since I was 14 – been on every diet – read all the books – listened to videos – hired the trainers, the nutritionists – took blood tests, etc…I kept saying, there’s something wrong here…even when I got the weight off, I hated my body and couldn’t maintain the number on the scale that I thought would bring me so much happiness.

Wayne Dyer was the introduction to my mind – body path. I delved deeper reading books like “The Shift” and watching shows like “Heal”.

The premise of the way a person looked at something impacting their life became a healthy obsession for me.

But I couldn’t implement it in my own life. Weight, to be specific, was my Achilles heel.

I started my hypnosis sessions and didn’t know what to expect, but there were subtle changes. The way I thought about my body and food shifted.

I no longer had to fill emotional needs with calories or abuse my body to punish it for wanting a cupcake or french fries.

After seeing my results, I took it a step further and went for training to become a certified professional hypnotist myself. I wanted to give back.

I know what it’s like to go for therapy, research solutions, and pine over not being able to change. Having hypnosis in your toolbelt is truly the best you can give yourself.

Hypnosis gives you back hope that you can get over whatever is holding you back.

I was born and raised in NJ, ventured to NYC for college and never looked back…until 2020! Now I’m back in the burbs where Clemenza (my mini dachshund) and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to answering your questions and working with you to move forward in pursuit of confidence and living your dreams.

As a free gift for stopping by, I’m offering a complimentary CBD Sample Pack. Just enter your information below and I’ll have it out to you.


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