Janine Brunetti

Certified Professional & Medical Hypnotist helping conscious-driven women create their desired reality through hypnotherapy and life coaching.

Janine Brunetti - Professional Hypnotist

Do you let the opinions of others affect you?

It’s completely normal, but it’s not healthy.

In building up your own confidence, every part of your life improves.

Ready to create your desired reality?

Hypnosis is a simple and highly effective method of training & retraining the mind.

Through positive suggestions and other techniques, hypnosis changes unwanted or negative beliefs, attitudes or behaviors to help you get unstuck, feel confident, motivated and free.

The conscious (your intellectual) mind, is what you DO. It’s responsible for less that 10% of the brain’s functions. It is the part of the mind that thinks, reasons, analyzes, criticizes, and makes decisions – based on everything that is locked away in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the weakest part of your mind, and most people use the conscious mind successfully and incorrectly.

The subconscious mind (your emotional self) is who you ARE, and represents roughly 90% of you brain. It is your true personality, your feelings and emotions, your imagination, creativeness, and memories. Every single thing you have ever experienced is recorded and stored in your subconscious mind. This part of your mind does not have the ability to distinguish between imagination and reality. It doesn’t get logic or humor, and doesn’t argue/dispute what it is told. It takes everything literally. Even is you give it false information, it will accept it as true and then work to make that information correct.

Hypnosis is a simple, and totally safe, process.

It is a state of physical muscle relaxation with focused concentration, and is a state of consciousness one enters and leaves naturally all the time during your day-to day experiences. It feels very much like day dreaming (i.e., the state between sleeping and waking).

Hypnosis can help with…




Weight Loss


Smoking Cessation

Sleep Disorders

Pain Relief

My main focus as an entrepreneur is bringing hypnosis to the mainstream client base as an alternative therapy as well as speaking engagements to help educate the masses on what’s possible just by “changing your mind!”

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you.

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